New Zealand Lacrosse Merger

Following the numerous recent communications in regards to the intent to merge New Zealand Lacrosse Association and New Zealand Women’s Lacrosse, the purpose of this page is to provide all information in regards to the constitution and approach to merger. 

The NZ Women’s Lacrosse Association (NZWLA), NZ Lacrosse Association (NZLA) and NZ Amateur Lacrosse Union (NZALU) held a consultation period until 31 March 2020 to receive feedback and consult with the full New Zealand Lacrosse community around this merger to ensure the best decision is made as to the approach and the constitution. 

If you have any questions after reviewing the information on this site, including the FAQ Section, please email these through to the Presidents of the New Zealand Men’s and Women’s associations:

Please use the links below to find more information about the merger: