All feedback will be considered, and a summary of key themes of the feedback will be shared with the community, as part of this consultation.

Please direct all feedback to the Executive of your Regional Body or directly to the Presidents of the New Zealand Men’s and Women’s Associations:

Feedback from NZL Merger Information Sessions

Following the Merger Update meetings held on Wednesday 15 April and Tuesday 21 April, we have received feedback requesting a further extension of the consultation period.

In good faith we have decided to extend the period and the Merger Timeline has been updated to reflect this.

It is important that Regional Bodies use this extended period to undertake the below actions, so we are able to achieve a successful outcome for the NZL Merger:

1) Communicate and consult with its members as to the details of the proposed merger
2) Collate and submit feedback and commentary on behalf of its members to the NZL Merger working group
3) Raise any issues or concerns to the NZL Merger working group in a timely manner
4) Work collaboratively and positively with all other Regional Bodies and the NZL Merger working group in the spirit of NZ Lacrosse

All feedback and concerns that Regional Bodies have in regards to the NZL Merger should be submitted before the 3 June.

For a quick overview of the NZL Merger – please find the slides from the Merger Information Session.

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