How would the Merger impact us as members of the NZ Lacrosse Community?

As a Regional Body

All recognised and incorporated Regional Bodies would become members of NZL. Your voting powers would be attributed based on registered player numbers. NZL would expect that you are operating as a Men and Women combined Regional Body, although dispensation and support would be provided to Regions where this is not currently the case to merge. What you do on a day to day would not change, if anything we would expect a clear strategic direction from the NZL Board would support all Regional Bodies to continue to grow and develop.

As a Player, Coach and/or Official

Your experiences with NZ Lacrosse should not change as a result of this merger. We would hope that if anything, your experiences will improve as NZL continues to become more professional and strategically aligned. 

As a Developing Region

For regions who are currently developing or planning to develop in the future, you will continue to receive the same support from NZ Lacrosse level to establish. Again, we would hope that as a single governing body, NZL will be able to provide greater and more consistent support for all developing regions, and any regions who are interested in establishing Lacrosse.

As a School, Club or University program

As a regionally affiliated school, club or university program, nothing will change – you will be supported and governed by your Regional Body. For any national affiliated programs, you could consider applying as an Associate Member of NZL. Again, the more consistent strategic direction from NZL is expected to increase experiences for members at all levels of NZL over time.

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