Proposed Timeline for Merger

The below timeline has been created by the NZL Merger Working Group with review by the independent lawyer.

Any feedback to this timing, please send this through. 

1 March to 17 May  2020 Consultation Period Period for the NZ Lacrosse community to review the draft constitution and proposed approach to merger for feedback.
By 24 May 2020 NZL Merger Working Group Update NZL Merger working group to publish overview of key feedback and any adjustments to the proposal based on consideration of feedback.
25 May – 3 June 2020 Regional Bodies Final Consultation Regional Bodies to consult with their members for a final time, and to submit all feedback on behalf of their region.
(This is for Regional Body feedback only, individual feedback must be submitted to the Regional Body to include in their final submission)
10 June 2020 Final Constitution Voting Final constitution to be voted on at the NZLA AGM will be confirmed and made available.
17 June 2020 NZLA AGM NZLA AGM – a new constitution and move to NZL (the single merged governing body of NZ Lacrosse) will be voted on by its members.
June – September 2020* Interim Appointments, Meetings and Applications 1) Interim NZL Board appointed (NZL Merger working group)
2) NZALU and NZWLA hold AGM/SGMs to confirm dissolving
of associations
3) Regional bodies submit applications to the interim NZL
Board to become members of the NZL
September 2020 onwards* NZL Board Appointed The inaugural NZL Board will be appointed/elected and commence planning and requirements in establishing the operational framework and strategic direction.
*These Tentative dates may be adjusted and communicated with members as they are finalised

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