2013 Women’s Nationals Results

This year’s National tournament was held in Cambridge, Waikato. 

Saturday 16th March

Northwest Auckland  9 v 10 Auckland Central
Northwest Auckland 19 v 2 Waikato
Auckland Central       Waikato
Waikato B  4 v 13 Northwest Auckland B
Wellington 8 v 8 Auckland Central B
Wellington 7 v 6 Northwest Auckland B
Waikato B v 13 Auckland Central B

Sunday 17th March

Waikato B  0 v  13 Wellington 
Auckland Central 14 v  2 Wellington
Auckland Central  11 Waikato B
(3rd/4th)Wellington v 16 Waikato
(1st/2nd FINAL) Auckland Central 8 v 7 Northwest Auckland
Auckland Central B 8 Auckland Northwest B
Northwest Auckland 17  v 0 Waikato
(5th/6th) Northwest Auckland 12  v 9  Auckland Central B

Congratulations to all players and coaches and thank you once more to all of the supporters and the hospitality of Waikato Lacrosse.