Play Lacrosse

If you would like to play Lacrosse please visit your regional body to find out about playing opportunities near you.

Auckland Region

The Auckland Lacrosse Association (ALA) is the governing body for men and women’s lacrosse in Auckland. Womens’ lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in Auckland with over 350 participants. While the men’s participation is smaller there are still clubs and high schools across the region.

The Northern Region Lacrosse Association (NRLA) is the governing body for men’s lacrosse in Auckland but in 2023 it is expecting to merge with the ALA.

The home of Auckland Lacrosse is Nixon Park, Kingsland. A new fibre-reinforced turf where our representative teams train. 

Waikato Region

Waikato Lacrosse Club Incorporated was founded on 7th July 2003. From this point lacrosse has gone from strength to strength with competitive girls and boys school leagues which has developed into strong club leagues.
Waikato continues to be a strong lacrosse region in New Zealand consistently winning age group titles and with players being selected into New Zealand teams. Waikato currently send their age group teams to compete in Australia to further develop the amazing talent from this region.

Wellington Region

We welcome all players to join us, whether you are young or old, experienced or beginner. We have a number of skilled players including previous and current national representatives to help you develop your game. We all have one thing in common: we love lacrosse!

During the off-season, we arrange impromptu lacrosse games. Please join our Facebook group here if you are interested in joining us for a run-around!

Canterbury Region

Here to promote and grow Lacrosse in Christchurch and the Canterbury region.