2018 Senior Nationals Announcement

21 November 2017

Re: New Zealand Senior Nationals 2018

The New Zealand Women’s Lacrosse Association (NZWLA) is pleased to confirm that the 2018 Senior Women’s National Tournament will be a three-day tournament from Friday 16 March to Sunday 18 March 2018 at Wakefield Park, Wellington.

The NZWLA has made a decision to increase the length of the tournament in the interests of health and safety by allowing for greater rest between games for players. The NZWLA aims to provide a greater quality of gameplay and in future to attract touring teams.

The tournament will be held alongside the men’s national tournament as per previous years.

Full information packs for regions will be available next year.

The full calendar of events from 2018-2020 will be released shortly providing regions with set dates for all key tournaments in a move towards clarity. 

Marina Samountry

NZWLA Secretary