2021/2022 New Zealand Lacrosse Affiliation Fees

New Zealand Lacrosse (NZL) affiliation fees for the 2021/2022 season have been set as follows. NB. These fees take into account those set in previous years, and the recent merger of the men’s and women’s associations.

  • $50 as a registered player (Youth) i.e. school aged children.
  • $65 as a registered player (Senior)

We feel it is important to put the prices noted above in perspective against the wider New Zealand sport industry, i.e. other sports and National Sport Organisations. Our youth fees are set below the $60 NZD average and are less than half that of many of New Zealand’s more popular sports. For senior players, equivalent fees for other sports are often in excess of $100 NZD.

We would also ask our members appreciate that, even with the fluctuating Covid-19 alert levels, the NZL Board and operational staff continue to work on administration, planning, and sustainability projects and tasks, that will in-turn benefit all our members.

A review of our affiliation fee structure will take place in the months ahead, with full consultation of our lacrosse community. This will help us to address:

  • aspects of accessibility and equity for all current and future participants
  • the quality and range of products and services NZL can offer

A NZL Affiliation Fee Guide

An affiliation fee is traditionally the cost to belong to an umbrella organisation. In a sporting context, an affiliation fee is often an investment in the future of the National Sport Organisation overseeing the broader operations of the sport, across New Zealand and internationally. Affiliation fees are set on an annual basis and reflect the costs associated with the provision of the benefits outlined below. Affiliation fees will be set ahead of, and advised at, the NZL AGM each year.

Affiliation to NZL brings a number of direct benefits to members.

Affiliated Member Clubs:

  • Can enter teams in national and regional competitions
  • Will have tournaments listed on the NZL annual event calendar
  • Can access support resources via the NZL website
  • Can apply to host NZL sanctioned events
  • Can access the NZL development staff for support
  • (and registered members of affiliated clubs) are eligible for national awards and prizes.
  • Can vote at the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting.
  • Have access to national scoring platform
  • Have access to reduced insurance premiums to cover events, liability and equipment.

Furthermore, the individual registered members of Affiliated Member Clubs:

  • Are eligible to participate in national programmes
  • Can access coach, umpire and scorers training courses.
  • Are eligible for talent development programmes run by NZL.
  • Can be selected in regional and/or national representative teams.


  • NZL can help member clubs in supporting all iterations of lacrosse in schools.
  • NZL undertakes general promotion of the game of lacrosse across the country and can work directly with member clubs on promoting particular initiatives.
  • NZL selects teams (from member clubs and registered members of affiliated clubs to participate in international competition.

NZL wish to thank all its’ affiliated clubs and regional associations for their support, hard work and continued efforts to grow our amazing sport. We hope that you are all able to work with us during our ongoing transition process, especially as we look to establishing new and improved perspectives, plans and pathways.

The NZL Board