To lacrosse coaches, managers, senior lacrosse players, and others in New Zealand and overseas:

The New Zealand Lacrosse Association (NZLA) would like to send an under-18 boys’ team to Perth to compete in the Australian Lacrosse Association’s U18 Championship from 21-27 April, 2013.  We are requesting proposals from people interested in coaching, managing, and/or performing other non-playing roles with the team.  Our attendance at this tournament is currently tentative because it relies on securing at least one coach and manager, selecting and training enough players with appropriate skill level, and obtaining funding and/or self-funding the entire team (incl. coaches and manager).  The coach and manager would need to address these and other logistics as they arise.  The NZLA will review proposals to determine whether or not our attendance is feasible.  If it is, we will select a coach and manager to implement their proposal.

Proposals can be emailed to Martin Lee (, Director of Junior Lacrosse, NZLA, no later than 5pm on 31 January 2013 (late proposals may be accepted).  Questions can be emailed or phoned to Marty (021 581 509 or +64 21 581 509 outside NZ).  Proposals should briefly cover the following:

  • A cover letter letting us know who you are, where you are from, why you are interested in the role(s), and anything else that you think is important.  Please indicate who the main contact is and provide all contact details.
  • Names and roles proposed along with CVs (resumes), with clear information on previous similar roles and details of at least 2 referees (references) per CV.
  • A rough timeline of your proposed activity from now until the tournament (e.g., trainings, practice games, training camps, etc.).  If you are keen on a minor role, just give us your ideas.
  • Details on how the trip would be funded (including accommodation, travel, other expenses).
  • A statement about any possible conflicts of interest and how you see them being managed (e.g., if you are involved in NZ lacrosse governance or lacrosse business or have family who may be trialling for the team, etc.).
  • A statement about any potential barriers to your involvement and suggestions on what is needed to overcome these barriers (e.g., money, visa, accommodation).
  • Anything else that you think is important.

All roles would be voluntary (unpaid).  Reimbursements for expenses may not be full and are contingent upon the funding that the team acquires (if any).  We would like to have the head coach and manager appointed ASAP.  As we make our decisions, we may contact you for an interview, for referee checks, or for more information. Click here for a downloadable copy of this notice.


Martin Lee

Director of Junior Lacrosse, NZLA                                                                              

All proposals become the NZLA’s property on lodgement.  In submitting your proposal, you grant us a license to retain, use, disclose and copy the information contained for the purposes of:

a)        evaluating or clarifying the proposal or subsequent proposal;
b)        negotiating any resultant agreement;
c)        consultation with any affected parties (if required);
d)        managing an agreement with the successful Respondent(s) (if any);
e)        responding to any challenge to the proposal process, audit and complying with NZLA reporting requirements or request for information;
f)         any other purpose related to the proposal process or above purposes.