Proposed Merging and Dissolving of Current National Governing Bodies

It is proposed that the NZLA would adopt the new NZL Constitution and rename itself to NZ Lacrosse. The NZLA has been identified to do this as it currently is the oldest constitution. Consideration was given to using the NZALU but this would have required additional work partly due to the way it works and also as the NZALU is not GST registered.

It is then proposed that the NZALU and NZWLA would each dissolve in an agreed timeframe as the NZL becomes the sole governing body in NZ Lacrosse. 

All of these proposed steps would be moved to a vote in an Annual or Special General Meeting to be notified and held by each association. 

Each member (Regional Body and Associate Member) would then be asked to submit to become members of the NZL.

It is proposed that an interim NZL Board would be appointed to facilitate the setting up of NZL.

Initially it is proposed to use the existing Executive officers;  3 from the current NZLA and 3 from the NZWLA. This board will be dissolved and fresh elections made as soon as the NZWLA/NZALU dissolve.

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