The Key Points of the Constitution

The following is a summary of the key information held in the Constitution. However, all members are encouraged to read the full constitution.

NZ Lacrosse Incorporated (NZL)
(Rules 3) 
  • Is the national governing body in NZ to promote, develop, foster the sport of lacrosse for the recreation and entertainment of the general public in New Zealand.
  • To support and assist its Members to deliver lacrosse in New Zealand.
  • To affiliate and represent New Zealand with the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union and World Lacrosse
Members of NZL
(Rules 5 – 9 and 17)
Regional Bodies
  • A registered incorporated society
  • Administers, promotes and develops lacrosse in the region in accordance with the objects of lacrosse, the Draft NZL Constitution and any regulations
  • Regional bodies would be expected to represent both Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse in their relevant region and as such should be a single regional body. NZL however would allow dispensation to those regions who are in the process of aligning it’s associations to meet these proposed requirements.
  • Any body which meets the requirements of the constitution may apply to the Board, who would review this application and put this to a vote at the next General Meeting.
  • Regional bodies may vote at General Meetings, with the number of votes allocated based on the number of registered players in each regional body (Rule 17)

Associate Members

  • A national lacrosse organisation with national membership which conducts matches or tournaments on a national basis and is recognised by existing NZL stakeholders as a representative national lacrosse organisation
  • Associate members may attend General Meetings, however may not vote (Rule 17)

Life Members*

  • May be granted in recognition and appreciation of outstanding service by a person for the benefit of NZL. 
  • Nominations are sent from Regional Bodies to the Board for review and decision to be put forward at the next General Meeting for vote.

Honorary Members*

  • Honorary membership may be granted to a person who in the opinion of NZL, has an association with NZL and which NZL wishes to recognise.  
  • Nominations are put forward by the Board at the next General Meeting for vote.

*There are currently no Life or Honorary Members of NZL, however the draft constitution has been written with a view of future proofing it. 

General Meetings
(Rule 17)
  • An AGM is held once a year, and a Special General Meeting may be held where required with the relevant notice.
  • Attendees at these General Meetings are:
    • Up to 2 representatives per Regional Body – may vote based on registered player numbers
    • All Board, Life and Honorary Members – may attend but not entitled to vote
    • Up to 2 representatives per Associate Member – may attend but not entitled to vote
The NZL Board
(Rules 18 to 22)
  • May exercise all powers of the NZL and do all things not required to be undertaken by the NZL at a General Meeting. 
  • Will adopt and review the strategic plan, annual plan and budget for NZL
  • Establish sub-committees, policies and procedures where appropriate.
  • Employ, engage and delegate powers to agreed positions to allow the administration of National Representative teams.

Board Members

  • Made up of:
    • 6 elected board members
    • 2 appointed board members
  • Each board member will hold a 3 year term and may not be an employee/contractor of NZL or hold executive office in a Regional Body
  • Each board member may be reelected for up to 3 consecutive terms
  • The board members will assign the method to establish an order of rotation for each members’ term. This is to ensure that not all board members are ending their terms in the same year. We would expect that the first board members will agree on some members holding shorter terms initially to allow a sustainable rotation to be established.

Appointment of Board Members

  • A Board Appointments Panel would be established comprising of the Board Chairperson (or other Board member where appropriate) and two independent people. 
  • They will call for applications for available Board Member positions and review all applications. 
  • The Panel would review and decide on Appointed Board Members and would review and put forward applications for consideration and vote for Elected Board Members at the next General Meeting.
Other NZL Positions
(Rules 16, 20 and 23)
  • The President is elected at a General Meeting. And is seen as the titular figure of NZL. The Chairperson would hold this role if no President is elected. 
  • The Chief Executive is employed by the Board and is responsible for the day to day management of NZL
  • If no Chief Executive is employed, a Treasurer and Secretary would be appointed to be responsible for the administrative and financial functions of NZL. 
  • The Chairperson is a member of the Board, elected by the Board Members.

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