What is the New Zealand Lacrosse Merger?

At the moment, the main men’s and women’s lacrosse governing bodies are separate. While the  NZALU is the nominal overall governing body this is mainly setup to interface with World Lacrosse. The New Zealand Lacrosse merger would see the NZALU and women’s NZWLA governing bodies dissolved and merge with the men’s NZLA, creating a new governing body for all lacrosse in New Zealand. This would be made up of a Board of Directors, one being the Chair of the Board, a CEO role, potentially a President, and a Committee of Operational roles much like those currently in the men’s and women’s committees today (such as High Performance, Officials, Tournaments, Treasurer). 

The Board would set the long term strategy, with input and feedback from the New Zealand Lacrosse community. The Committee would hold similar roles to those today in the Men’s and Women’s Committees and carry out the day to day tasks required to align the sport with the strategic plan.

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