Why do we need to merge?

Within New Zealand Lacrosse we act in a fairly fragmented manner where the men’s and women’s governing bodies are completely different entities. We see an opportunity and requirement to have a collaborative approach to the management and growth of the sport we love across New Zealand. The change will also ensure that we move to a formal governance structure that is consistent with the new societies framework.

In addition to this, when we look to other sporting bodies within New Zealand, as well as across other World Lacrosse Members, we are amongst a minority where we do not have a single governing body at National level. The NZALU is the formal governing body but in reality this is in name only. 

One additional imperative is that World Lacrosse is working towards their stated aim of inclusion as an Olympic sport lacrosse at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. We would need to work alongside organisations like Sport New Zealand and the New Zealand Olympic Committee which we would join but this requires a single governing body to do this. 

We see a need to change in order for New Zealand Lacrosse to continue to grow and compete on the world stage.

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