New Zealand Lacrosse Men’s National Team programme

Following the reappointment of Bob Macaluso as the Head Coach of the New Zealand Men’s Lacrosse team the New Zealand Lacrosse Association (NZLA) has identified the following priorities:

  • Develop a programme that is built around the best young players in New Zealand
  • Appoint a coaching / support team that includes New Zealand based position coaches or helps to identify and support their development in the future.
  • Select a team to compete at the World Championships in Manchester (England) in 2018 thatis mainly composed of New Zealand based players and that utilises overseas based players to support the development goals of New Zealand lacrosse.

The Development goals of  the NZLA are to:

  • Grow the game of Lacrosse in New Zealand
  • Develop coaching skills in New Zealand so that the positions of Head Coach and all position coaches can be filled internally for the 2022 World Championships.
  • Develop a National team where the majority of the team plays lacrosse in New Zealand – at least 70 % (no more than 6 overseas players) by 2018 and 80% (no more than 4 overseas players) by 2022.

It is intended that Coach Macaluso and the coaching / support team will:

  • Meet together in Auckland in February 2017. During this visit, training and development opportunities will be offered to aspiring coaches, and coaching sessions will be provided to the under 18 squad and other players.
  • Coach and manage the New Zealand teams that will compete in the next two Australian State Championships in June 2017 and June 2018.
  • Hold trials and extended training in New Zealand in January 2018, for the New Zealand Men’s team that will compete at the World Championships in Manchester (England) in July 2018.

Players will need to:

  • Meet all the eligibility requirements of the FIL and the NZLA
  • Meet all the participation requirements outlined by the NZLA

Updates and information about the NZ Men’s Lacrosse programme will be posted on the NZ Lacrosse website

David Zussman
President New Zealand Lacrosse Association