New Zealand Men Run Ended By Scotland

New Zealand lost to Scotland yesterday 16-12 in what was a hugely competitive game from beginning to end. Despite scoring first New Zealand found themselves 3-1 down at quarter time. The Scotland run continue to 5-1 before New Zealand responded with a 3 goal run of their own. At 5-4 a goal was credited to Scotland that clearly did not cross the line – this unsettled New Zealand and it looked like the game was all over as Scotland were 10-4 up at ½ time and 13-4 up with 30 minutes to go.
New Zealand showed how much they have improved under Head Coach Robert Macaluso. They showed real character and pride and took the game to the Scottish, bringing the score back to 14-10 with 16 minutes to go. Captain Nick Ravenhall and Henry Ling were winning more possession from the face off and 3 goals from Jeremy Kincaid held spark the revival.
New Zealand were unable to make any further inroads and the Scotts saw out the game with a 4 goal margin.
Scorers for New Zealand were: Jeremy Kincaid (3), Andrew Clayton (2), John Clayton (2), Eddy Roberts (2), Mike Clayton (1), Aaron Graham (1), Nick Low (1). Casey McLain made 6 saves.
New Zealand’s success has been rewarded with a game against Japan who are one of the top 6 ranked teams. They are still competing for a final position of between 5th and 12th over the next 3 days.
Highlights from Day 5 including New Zealand’s win over the Netherlands: