New Zealand Men’s Lacrosse World Cup Team 2023 Announcement

New Zealand Lacrosse is delighted to announce the New Zealand Men’s National Lacrosse team who will travel to San Diego, USA to compete in the 2023 Men’s Lacrosse World Championships.

NZ Men’s Team 2023:

First Name Last Name Position
Cody-James Clark Attack
John Clayton Attack
Andrew Clayton Attack
William Clarkson Midfield
Henry Clarkson Midfield
Thomas Currie Midfield
Ben Deverell Midfield
James Devine Attack
Nathan Henare Midfield
Jeremy Kincaid Midfield
Frederick Lee Defence
Benjamin James Lelo Midfield
Henry Ling Midfield
William Loudon Defence
Jarrod Lovell Goalie
Charlie Mismash Defence
Kris Nebesky Midfield
Edward Roberts Attack
Vaughan Thompson Defence
Max van der Maas Defence
Blake van der Maas Goalie
Keeghan van Woerden Defence
Kaspar White-Harris Midfield

Travelling Alternates:

First Name Last Name Position
Jack Adams Defence
Joe Clarkson Attack
Daniel Robertson Midfield
Jesse Stuart Goalie