New Zealand U19 Capital Cup Tour Selections

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to for the Capital Cup Tour, a tournament held in Richmond, Virginia, USA. The team will travel from 16 – 25 June. 

Capital Cup Touring Team 

Alannah Mouat, Waikato 
Brooke Bolstad, Waikato 
Dannii Cooke, Waikato 
Emma Olsen, Auckland 
Harriette Overend, Auckland 
Jade Panoho, Auckland 
Josie Cox, Waikato 
Kate Gammie-Baglini, Auckland 
Keita Perry, Waikato 
Lily Fu, Wellington 
Lucy Hackett, Auckland 
Nikki Fordyce, Auckland 
Olivia O’Leary, Maryland, USA 
Olivia Archer, Auckland 
Rebecca Godfrey, Auckland 
Reese Jacques, Auckland 
Sophia Morcom, Auckland 
Sophie Unsworth, Waikato 
Taylor Jakeman, Waikato 
Tyla Grafas, Auckland 

Non-Travelling Reserves 

Anja Kuys, Waikato 
Annalise Hames, Wellington 
Anri Kruger, Waikato 
Jodi Mouat, Waikato 
Kayla Nuzum, Auckland 
Tabby Mason, Waikato 

Victoria Kelly, Auckland