New Zealand Women’s High Performance Programme 2015 Launched

New Zealand Lacrosse World Cup 2017 Tryouts Announced

New Zealand Women’s Lacrosse will be kicking off its World Cup 2017 campaign with a weekend long tryout on August 29-30 2015. Successful players will be part of the World Cup training squad that will begin preparing for the women’s lacrosse World Cup, to be held in England in July 2017. Straight off the back of tryouts, players will embark on 7 weeks of intense training prior to their first tour of the campaign to California, USA. 

New Zealand bids for world elite status

New Zealand Lacrosse has set its sights on a position in the world elite. To do this they must finish within the top eight at the 2017 World Cup. This has meant making a number of changes to their preparation if they are to make the shift from their current world ranking which is 11th.  

The West Coast, USA tour so early in the campaign is one of those changes. Head Coach Kari Jones explains, “The California Tour gives us the opportunity to be highly motivated and focused from the start of the programme. Playing against some excellent international competition gives us a baseline. Over this period one of our biggest focuses will be on growing as a team, learning about ourselves in pressure situations and learning about how we get the best out of one another.” Coaches and players will use data from the tour as a basis for improvement when they next get together at their 5-day Christmas training camp in December 2015.

California Tour: October 16th -26th 2015

From the August tryouts, a squad of up to 30 players will be selected. From that group 20-25 are expected take part in the 10-day California tour. During the tour, the team will be playing a number of top teams ranging from Division 1 college teams as well as experienced local club teams in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition, the team will have opportunities to train alongside some world class college athletes and have the opportunity to be coached by recognised internationally college coaches.


Introducing Michele Ruth (XTEAM and Barefoot Lacrosse)

Florida based, Michele Ruth is first consultant coach to come aboard to support the New Zealand coaches and the players as they build up to the World Cup. Michele is an experienced coach who is passionate about developing the whole person not just coaching the lacrosse player. The plan is for Michele to work with the coaches and players on the ground in New Zealand over the tryout weekend and in the build up to the tour. New Zealand Women’s Lacrosse President, Hannah Doney said, “We are excited to have Michele on board, she will be a huge asset to New Zealand. Her energy, her innovation and her values fit perfectly with what we are trying to build.”

Registering Your Interest 

If you want to find out more about the World Cup Tryouts, then you can register your interest by clicking on this link and completing the form.

Alternatively you can email the World Cup 2017 Head Coach Kari Jones at 

Specific advice for New Zealand U19s 

For those players involved with the 2015 U19 World Championships 2015 and who want to take part in the tryouts for World Cup 2017, we want to you understand that there is no expectation for you to take part in the USA tour. We recognise that there is a significant financial investment in going to the U19 World Championships. Therefore the USA tour is optional for you. We also understand that some of you will require a longer break prior to embarking on another intense training programme. Our intention is to work with each of you to provide you with the necessary break while also keeping you involved with the WC 2017 campaign. The only thing that is expected from you is full participation in the tryouts weekend on August 29-30 and the training camp the following weekend September 5-6. After then we will look to taper your training with the squad as required. For further advice please contact the National Team Head Coach directly on

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