Notice of NZWLA SGM

This is notice of the NZWLA SGM to be held on Thursday 16 September at 7pm. This SGM is particularly important as it is the meeting to formally dissolve the NZWLA.

Event details:

Date: Thursday 16 September 2021
Zoom Details:


  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Special business: dissolution of NZWLA
    Motion that the New Zealand Women’s Lacrosse Association be disbanded in accordance with clause 2.10 of the Rules in light of the recent Merger of Lacrosse Associations to NZL and the creation of a single national lacrosse body. Any surplus assets following the disbandment is to be transferred to NZL as soon as reasonably practicable but to be completed prior to 31 October 2021. Upon completion of transfer of assets, the NZWLA Treasurer will apply to the Societies Office to be
    ‘dissolved’, and removed from the register.
    3. Close meeting