NZ BLAX & NZ U23 Teams Announced for ANZAC Weekend Series

The NZWLA are pleased to announce the NZ Blax and NZ U23 squads who will contest the ANZAC Weekend Series later this month.


NZ Blax:

Head Coach: Rosie Gunn

Kate Mclain (C) (Auckland), Erin Jagger (GK) (C), Alice Wheatly-Wilson (Waikato), Briar van Woerden (Waikato), Britney Wolfsbauer (Waikato), Cat Do (North Harbour), Georgia Henderson (Auckland), Helen Evans (Auckland), Kristen Fredricsen (Waikato), Laura Rensford (Auckland), Megan Archer (North Harbour), Nicole Goode (Auckland), Olivia Hext (Auckland), Ursula Johnson (Waikato), Julia Gasston (Auckland), Nikki Fordyce (Auckland), Gemma Metcalfe (Waikato)


NZ U23:

Head Coach: Hilary Eyres

Assistant Coach: Sonjah Yaw

Caela Cranch (C) (Waikato), Eleanor Burkin (C) (Auckland), Alyssa Hale (GK) (Waikato), Becca Bryan (Waikato), Brooke Barker (North Harbour), Charlotte Harrison (Waikato), Georgia Clarkin-Rush (Waikato), Harriette Overend (Auckland), Jen Babich (Waikato), Julia Reynolds (Auckland), Lani Mouat (Waikato), Monique Simpson (Auckland), Melissa Gratwicke (Waikato), Linly Karshagen (Waikato), Nicole Brown (GK) (Waikato), Ruby Johnston (Auckland)


The ANZAC series will consist of a round robin tournament between the NZ BLAX, NZ U23s, NZ U19s and a Presidents selection. More details of the ANZAC weekend will be released in the coming days.


Congratulations to all the women above on their selection.