NZL COVID-19 Guidance Announcement

The New Zealand Lacrosse (NZL) Board has been receiving many enquiries regarding Covid-19 protocols, and vaccination mandates/passes, and how these may impact the facilitation of our sport.

In line with other sport organisations, NZL is opting to be guided by information from the New Zealand Government and Sport New Zealand. Our aim is to ensure all our regions and their participants are well informed as to how best safely return to play under the new Covid Protection frameworks.

This communiqué is the first of what we expect will be many, that outlines our current approach and best practices for managing, participating in, and supporting the sport of lacrosse. As we transition to the new Covid-19 Protection Framework, we provide you with this initial guidance, but do want to stress that further updates and greater clarity is expected from Sport New Zealand over the coming weeks and months as the situation evolves.

Please review and refer to the: NZL COVID-19 Guidance Announcement.

From December 3rd 2021, all participants are required to comply with regulations in place at the venue and region at which they are playing, officiating or administering in any paid or voluntary capacity in the Sport of Lacrosse.

For any queries or further information, please contact