NZL Strategic Plan Released

The NZ Lacrosse Board is excited to release the first iteration of our NZ Lacrosse Strategic Plan that will see us through for the next five years, with the mission of promoting, developing and growing Lacrosse as a sport for all Kiwis.

This plan has been a culmination of consultation, conversations and feedback from our community and key stakeholders over the past year and aims to address the key barriers and opportunities for growth and development across all levels of the game and across all current and future regions throughout Aotearoa.

This strategic plan has been prepared with the future in mind. The NZL Board has ambitious goals for NZ Lacrosse over the next 5 year strategic period.

The key focus for the first year is to fine tune sustainable, system-led processes and operations which will lay the groundwork for now and into the next four years. This will also set the benchmark of where we sit now and the measures of success we set ourselves to move into the future.

This strategic plan is the first iteration and serves as a document to define and bring all stakeholders on the same path to NZL’s future success. Off the back of this, implementation streams will be formed to identify the next level of detail, track our benchmarking and define measures of success.