NZWLA Statement in relation to the High Performance Academy

As an NZWLA Committee part of our strategic direction is an effort to create pathways for developing Womens Lacrosse for our players.  This is achieved through the hard work of Kristen Fredricsen as Manager of the High Performance Academy.

In addition part of our Strategic Direction is to create pathways and opportunities for developing Coaches.

Therefore the NZWLA are excited to announce the approval of an extensive 2017 Development programme which will include 2 development Tours and the Development U15s playing in the National U18s tournament.

This will be a huge challenge for all involved, however the NZWLA committee feel that these decisions sit firmly with our strategic goals.

The 3 Development Teams for 2017 are :

  • Festival Tour U19 July 17th – 21st 2017
  • ASPACS Under 23 Tour June 16th – 24th 2017 (South Korea)
  • Development NZ U15 (to compete at the National U18 tournament)

Based on this exciting and challenging Development year, the NZWLA have decided to seek expressions of Interest for Head Coaches of these 3 teams.

These expressions will be advertised this week and we will be making a decision on the make up of this Coaching Panel shortly afterwards.

It is important to note that Kristen will continue in her current role as the Academy Manager and thus will continue to work with the Festival U19 Team until which point an official Head Coach is named.