Status of U18 and National Tournaments 2022 – Official Call

Based on discussions with regions and the NZL Board these are the decisions relating to the upcoming tournaments:

  • The U18 Girls’ Tournament will be postponed to September.
  • The U18 Boys’ Tournament will go ahead as only two teams will be involved and it will take place over one day.
  • The Women’s Senior Nationals will be postponed to a date to be agreed on while keeping in mind field availability and the NZBLAX World Cup build-up.
  • The Men’s Senior Nationals will go ahead as planned.

We understand there is uncertainty and that there will be some disappointment. But we do hope you can appreciate that Omicron has presented many challenges. We do see a risk with COVID but acknowledge that lacrosse is being played in current conditions.

Max has sent information regarding the U18 Boys’ Tournament and will communicate further regarding the Men’s Senior Nationals. In the future, we do see benefit in holding men’s and women’s tournaments at the same time as the default to build stronger ties across our organisation but appreciate that flexibility is required during these times.

Thanks again for your input and understanding.

Marina Samountry and Max van der Maas
NZL Tournaments Coordinators