The NZBLAX Challenger Series 2021

The NZBLAX Trialing Squad has begun their build up to the NZBLAX Challenger Series to be held 8th to 10th January 2021 in Auckland.

What is the NZBLAX Challenger Series?
The NZBLAX Challenger Series is a set of exhibition games where our NZBLAX’ers will go up against teams specifically designed to push the NZBLAX trailing squad in a highly competitive environment.
This series of games will be a real test for our NZBLAX’ers allowing them to feel what it is like to play against tough competition with something on the line as part of their preparation for the Women’s Lacrosse World Championships.

Who is playing?
Two elite teams will Challenge the NZBLAX squad in this series. One team coached by Nigel Tan and another team coached by Mike Rush and Leon Green.
These teams can be made up of anyone the coaches select and the team may include up to five men. The Challenger coaches have already begun putting together their roster and planning to push the NZBLAX in the highest level of competition the squad will get in New Zealand.
The games will be played 10v10 under international Women’s rules, with Women’s sticks and fully officiated.

What’s on the line?
The Challenger Series champions will be awarded the inaugural NZBLAX Challenger Series Trophy and to dial up the competitive spirit of these games even further the NZBLAX have secured sponsorship to put $500 up for any team that can beat them.
IF a Challenger team can beat the NZBLAX not only will they win bragging rights but their team will also win $500 prize money to spend however they like.
However, should the NZBLAX win, they will hold the bragging rights and the prize money will go towards their campaign.

Mark these dates in your calendar Lacrosse Fans, these games will certainly be worth a watch! Further information to come!