Tournament Help

To the New Zealand Lacrosse Community,

Can you help ensure the ongoing success of our national lacrosse tournaments?

For those who may not know us, we are Marina Samountry and Max van der Maas and you may have seen us around at New Zealand Lacrosses tournaments over the past few years.

We are the NZL Tournaments Coordinators responsible for the kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of our national tournaments. We are writing this to reach out for help from the community to run the future of our national tournaments.

Like many in the community we are volunteers. We are two young people with busy professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, we no longer have the capacity to do the mahi (work) alone and have drafted a proposed tournament committee to collaborate on ensuring tournaments keep running in a sustainable way and a proposal with suggested structures for Tournament Directors and Coordinators for the coming year.

We love lacrosse and we love the opportunities it provides. Tournaments are one of the biggest highlights for New Zealand Lacrosse. We welcome innovation and experience from others to freshen up the tournament scene whether you are a parent who has watched from the sidelines or simply a keen player who wants to get more involved.

We also encourage you to put your hand up especially if you are young, eager and willing to learn. As young people ourselves, we have been encouraged by the whanaungatanga (relationship through shared experiences and working together) and goodwill of those in the lacrosse community and have learned a lot. If you are young and want to step up, you will be supported.

If you are interested in being involved with tournaments, please email us at:

Letter from Marina and Max (NZL Tournaments Coordinators)